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    Georgia Zhuang, associate director, China consumer research, Nielsen, yester▓day.The company's consumer confidence

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    index has dro▓pped from 96 points in the second half of 2007 to 89 points (projected)▓ a year later."Not surprisi

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    ngly, first-time buyers have a lower budget now with 37 percent saying that their budgets are between 80,000 to 12

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    0,000 yuan," Zhang said.Related stories:C▓hina's auto tariff cuts a sign of further opening-upChina's auto tariff c

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    uts a sign of further opening-upChina's auto tariff cuts a sign of further opening-up05-24-2▓018 08:50 BJTChina's

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    h.Related stories:Chinese people have slashed their

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